Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our donation to the Elizabeth Stone House of Roxbury, MA was a huge success!

The Elizabeth Stone House is a housing agency for women and children suffering from forms of violence, trauma and social issues.

These kids have to face a lot of adversity in their life, so it was extremely important to Wrapped Up in Sports to make sure each child felt a little bit more special. Each child received his and her own unique quilt, and from their smiles, it seems they really appreciated them and will enjoy them for days, months and hopefully years to come.

We got some great feedback from the kids themselves, which I am most appreciative of. Who best to tell us what they think than the children receiving them?!

Being that we hand out sports quilts, the initial reaction of some of the girls was that the quilts were "boy quilts" because they only focused on sports teams. We let them pick their own quilts, and once they found a quilt that had fabric they could relate to, they changed their opinions. But, that is really helpful feedback for me, and now I know to make sure to tailor specific quilts for girls. Using more pinks, floral prints and girl novelty prints (cheerleading, colorful stars, polka dots, etc.) will help tailor the quilts for girls.

Remember, just because their sports quilts does not mean girls won't enjoy them. They know who their beloved Boston sports teams are!

If anyone has any ideas to tailor sports quilts for girls, please post your comments. I'd love to hear what ideas everyone has :)

We are looking forward to our next big projects!! Stay tuned.


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